• Being Headhunted

  • Being Headhunted

Being Headhunted

Exceptional candidates
are headhunted. They don't job hunt!

Exceptional career focused individuals are not job hunting. They may be willing to engage in a career discussion if they sense that they are being approached on peer level by experienced, informed professionals. They demand no less. Selection Partners finds those "rare profiles"; profiles and skill sets not readily available in the market.

The engagement that we develop with such individuals is based on trust, confidentiality and professional confidence. Any future relationship that may develop is built on a mutually value based partnership and respect.

Confidentiality is paramount and must never be compromised under any circumstances.

The process of engaging, exploring and ultimately considering and negotiating a career move with a headhunted candidate is complex and time consuming. There is no short cut and if the appropriate process is not properly concluded, the risk of less than optimum long term outcome is significantly increased for both employer and employee. Employer brand protection is vital.

When conducted and concluded correctly and professionally, search results in the best long term partnerships for both employer and employee.

Active job hunters are motivated to find their next, better remunerated job and often do not adequately consider longer term career risks.

When you are headhunted

As an exceptional professional, you are focused on developing and building your career as well as the business in which you are working. Your employer values you and there is a mutually constructive relationship between you. You are not job hunting.

But, you do need a career discussion from time to time, especially if you are a focused professional. How do you determine quickly if the headhunter who calls you is genuinely interested in engaging with you to explore your longer term career motivation and is not simply throwing another job at you?


the talent your business needs

Selection Partners is one of the leading specialist Headhunters based in Gauteng. We deliver value to clients throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our core business principle is: Personal, professional commitment to our clients and candidates. 

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