• Facing our culture of disrespect

  • Facing our culture of disrespect

Facing our culture of disrespect

It is a sad reality that the way in which many honest job seekers are treated by the agents to whom they submit their applications and prospective employers is not only highly disrespectful but also undermines their personal confidence. Candidates are invited to attend interviews (raising their hopes) and after meticulously preparing and arriving on time are simply told that the interview will no longer take place. In one of the most disrespectful incidences an interviewer took a phone call as the interview was about to commence and at the end of the call, told the candidate that he didn’t have time to interview and dismissed the candidate.

However these examples in the recruitment process are but the tip of the iceberg of disrespect that we have allowed to permeate our general society in South Africa. When we openly and blatantly act disrespectfully to one another, fail to take responsibility for our actions and face the consequences, each and every such action fuels a societal moral decline.

Edmund Burke’s famous words: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” (rather say “good people”) is but partially correct. Addressing our culture of disrespect towards one another will dig deep into our individual moral fibre.

Albert Einstein’s famous words are appropriate: “Two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the Universe”.

Unless each one of us starts to take the right action today, none of us or any of our succeeding generations will have any tomorrow.

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