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What We Do

Executive search 
is a complex process that demands a

skilled, experienced and highly professional approach.

An in-depth on site briefing, taken by an experienced recruitment consultant, prior to commencing any search assignment is fundamental to a successful outcome. Job specs account for less than 20% of the full understanding needed to conduct a successful assignment. The critical remaining 80% is overlooked in most recruitment processes and is the direct result of more than 90% of unsuccessful appointments. And yet, most recruitment processes are still based on job specs only.

Our expertise and capabilities include:

Searching for exceptional candidates who are not job hunting
Searching for candidates with unique capabilities to meet unique demands
Searches that demand in depth industry and business experience
Highly sensitive searches that demand the utmost confidentiality
Working with candidates who will only engage with experienced professionals regarding their careers and possible opportunities
Confidential targeted head hunting
Confidential strategic projects

Our focus includes:

  • Searching for exceptional candidates who are not job hunting, including an in depth interview with every potential candidate in person.
  • Hunting out scarce/difficult skills that demand highly experienced search capabilities.
  • Highly sensitive and confidential situations that demand discreet approaches.
  • Positions that demand in depth industry and business experience.
  • Working with candidates who will only engage with experienced professionals regarding their careers and possible opportunities. Exceptional candidates demand in depth career discussions and are not motivated by "the next job".
  • Confidential strategic projects.
Search demands the ability to know where to find exceptional candidates. Industry myopia frequently misses the best candidates. Our client base is diverse as is our ability and experience to search across all sectors. The following are some of the diverse industries in which we have placed exceptional candidates:
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Regulatory
  • Advisory
  • Digital
  • Legal
  • Supply chain
  • Trading
  • Environmental
  • Health (human and animal)


the talent your business needs

Selection Partners is one of the leading specialist Headhunters based in Gauteng. We deliver value to clients throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our core business principle is: Personal, professional commitment to our clients and candidates. 

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